At Con Sentido we consider quality as the central axis of our business processes and have established a methodology that allows us to identify any deviation, developing preventive and corrective actions that ensure our clients the achievement of their objectives.

At the time of planning we integrate and emphasize the following basic guidelines:

  • Advisory, we do not sell; we just add value and provide solutions.
  • Financial, we provide excellent level of service at affordable prices.
  • Technical skill, we advise you on the best resources to use.
  • Technology, we maximize business results by reducing costs and time.
  • Environmental issues, as Authorised Technical Service we offer carbon footprint calculations & management, and according to PAS 2050, GHG Protocol 2060, we will advise you on:
    • Reducing energy consumption, GHG emissions and production costs for your events.
    • Enhancing social and public image of your company (CR).
    • Providing new quantifiable indicators that can be included in your sustainability reports.